Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quest over Time: learning from the masters

so last monday i accepted a long term quest. Learning from the masters for i can pick a few masters to learn from. in the first week we just observe all the lessons see what they are about and if they are interesting. up until now we mentt he Japanese Oil painting master and the, as we call it Imagination drawing master.

the first one was a small old man with only a few teeth left in his mouth. i think he is about 328 years old. The class on the other hand was interesting but not something im searching for. Next to that the % of girls in that class is insane 23/25... lol? pretty much nothing against that BUT the can produce an amount of noise HOLY $@%#%$ pancak. so i probebly wont take that class even though the master was a nice guy. but drawing brush strokes for 4 houres with screaming girls around you is a bit to much.

second was imagination drawing. this class is about thinking of what u are drawing. draw a fish from your head and it becomes what your mind thinks a fish is, its drawing and some sort of philosophy in one really interesting.

so well see what the next few masters have up their sleeve for us!....

maby monkeys

exp +45 LEVEL UP ~ (100/100)
nihongo reached lvl 2

Thursday, September 15, 2011


really nice park close to our house, this is the lake where the turtles live btw.

the little friends of the night

helllo my little friend what are u doing on my window!? too bad i wasnt able to take a better photo

my window is really a zoo at night, so many bugs and little friends are joining me in my night sessions :D

sometimes a retarded mantis (10cm) tries to fly trough the glass

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quest 4 scouting

Solo Quest: Scouting in the mountains 10km

Of i went to the mountains, a 2 km walk through the city. I wanted to gain some experiance with my new camera so i brought it with me on this solo adventure and also to capture the actual "real"nature, no man made hills or trees in rows... just the real deal.

i had to go through a tunnel underneath a mountain, before i could reach the path that would lead onto the mountains.

once at the foot of the mountain i was amused by a dragon fly which was hanging still in midair for sometime, so i tried to take some photos of it. But even it was hanging still in the air each time it was really hard to capture it. It was a long lasting battle of 10 minutes before i had to give in and let him be. i continued my journey onto the mountain.

next to the mountain was a lake with a park around it where lots and lots of people jog or just walk. i left this park and took a road that lead onto the mountain. Here i got ambushed by hordes of musquitos and little flies, very annoying. But i didnt give in and fought my way trough them. there were to many trees so the few was mostly blocked all the time which was a big bummer but maby ill find another mountain with a better few.

i didnt go all the way to the top for that i will do another time when ill be wearing shoes and not slippers.

after i came down from the mountain i went to the supermarket to get some food and drinks and went home to take a shower. becouse walking 10km while its 30 degrees and no clouds makes u sweat... a little.

stamina + 3
area unlocked: Kouen no yama

Saturday, September 10, 2011

for those who are curious about our rooms

its 6 tatami mats big, 1 mat is 0.9x1.90 meter so the whole room is about 11 square meters but the living space is about 8 since there is a big buildin closet in the room and the entrance infront of the door where u leave your shoes.

in my opinion a nice place to live the quality is quiet good everything is clean and tight so im happy with it

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quest 3: The Restaurant

additional partymember: Gill.

At the end of the day a hero's belly needs to be filled. Me and my fellow companions went to a small local restaurant which was specialized in Okonomiyaki (google it). we sat down... on the floor and put our legs in the hole under the table a really funny way of sitting. in the middel was a metal plate to keep the food warm.

There were only 4 tables... from which 2 were allready occupied. The people greeted us warmly, even the people eating. we opened the menu and by were surprise that there where no pictures as in usual restaurants. When the waitres came i sed we couldnt read the menu so we would just like some Okonomiyaki, since its their specialty... but it didnt end there... she acted as if she waited for us to order more. We asked for some vegetables. She didnt really know what to do with that since they didnt really have a dish with jsut vegetables. She showed us some other dishes which contained some.

in the end after some feet and hands we ended up ordering 2 okonomiyaki's 2 bowls of rice and a dish with some meat/fish and vegestables. A good meal for a hero's belly

full health
exp +34 (66/100)

Quest 2: buy a camera

a Hero ofcourse needs good equipment, so of i went to the equipment shop located on in the center of Kyoto. This building, filled with 9 floors of equipment, was the perfect place to go. I searched for an NPC to was able to help me. with the few japanese i learned, before going to this over automated country, i was able to tell her what i wanted. i all went more smooth then i thought it would be.

so from this day on u can check the PHOTO's tab at the top to see fragments from my adventure.


Nikkon D3100: vision +5
japanese language: LEVEL UP
photo action unlocked

Saturday, September 3, 2011

and the questing begins

quest 1: buying a subway ticket

the day started and we went on our adventure the Dorm Head Robin (yes we have two small robins now) guided us to the school for a first meeting with the international office people. Here we met our contact person Ken Rodgers a wild looking man with sneakers

after the introductions we went to the caffeteria to get some health potions and to eat some lunch. this is were we decided to go to the center of kyoto to buy some convinient stuff like cups and bowls at this moment the swiss guy Gill had joined the party aswell. we took the bus to subway station and searched for a ticket machine. There the epic battle begun. We quickly figured out where we had to go and on which station we stood... But the ticket machine was a nasty one

luckly a brave kid appeard with great skill we asked him how to steal 3 tickets from the evil ticket machine. Since he still had the power of youth he explaind with his hands and some japanese how to trick the ticket machine.

so from now on we know how to trick the ticket machine

quest compleet!

3 tickets
new area unlocked : subway station
+ 32 exp (32/100)