Wednesday, January 11, 2012

so my journey to this country progressed so far that it became dailty life. i get up at some time, can be any time these days hahaha ^^, go to school get back cook sleep and then again. ive also seen most of the things around kyoto and ive been so many times in the center that it also became normal. 

so i making a list now where i still wanna go since we got 1 month left here in the land of the rising sun. 

first on the list is tokyo since no visit to japan should go without tokyo 27 of januari we will go there we will also meet another exchange student that comes back from the netherlands should be funny ^^. we will go to tokyo for 9 days.

in Winterbreak my Dad and partner plus my sister came to visit me, it was fun to see their reaction to the country and culture and ofcourse the epic battle with the chopsticks. we visited a few temples my dorm and the univercity. it was nice seeing them again but in a month ill be home. so it feels like an introduction to the dutch life again.
we celebrated a japanese new year which was quite different than the european one. no fireworks no parties just a visit to the temple to get your luck/furtune for the next year. even though there are thousands of people walking around its really quiet. at the temple (kiyomizudera) the rang a gaint bell 108 times to clean humanity from the 108 sins. what those sins are i ahve no idea. 

but yeah im figuring out what im going to do in the last month. Classes will end 21 januari so then my main quest line will end after that we will have a full month to travel and do as wel please. the only thing on my must see list is tokyo, the rest is all extra 

so if anyone has any tips of what to see in japan let me know! :)