Saturday, February 18, 2012

Japan land of the rising sun

to make it even more memorable they added about 8 inches of snow

journey complete

once in a life time experience

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

the last quest

so yes i'm entering my last week here in japan my quests are done my job is fulfilled. its time to say goodbye to all the people that helped me in my quests and gave me great times.

goodbyes have a sad side always which i try to evade but life is still long so who knows when i will return to this country of great memories. i hope by that time some of the people are still there so i can meet them again.
i gave my self one last quest for this epic adventure...

photograph the sunrise in the land of the rising sun.

this is the second last post i will make for the last one will be the one where i fulfilled my last quest.

Monday, February 6, 2012


I just came back from my adventure to Tokyo the city of cities. After a bus trip of 8 houres from kyoto to tokyo we arrived at Shinjuku, one of the neighborhoods  of Tokyo. So our first quest was to find a map of the area to we could navigate ourselfs in this massive area of concrete.

after we got a map of the subway network we moved ourselfs towards Roppongi were we would have a randezvous with my gilrfriend Eri. After dumping our luggage in the storage we went on our adventure in the Roppongi Hills. In this Area stand the Mori Tower one of the highest buildings of Tokyo. I got notice that it was possible to go to the top floor to have a nice view over Tokyo so we went into the building searching for an elevator. In the building we found a board with all the companies that were located in the building. ranging from Google to Goldman sachs. apparently we took the office entrance and we didnt come any further then the lobby.

so we took our leave and searched for a different entrance which we found at the other side of the building. In a few seconds we were shot to the 52nd floor. Here you could see how the massive concrete city of tokyo spread itself until the horizon, endless concrete.
That evening we picked up Eri and after dinner we went to her brothers house were we would stay for the weekend. A nice and lively japanese family with two kids.

after spending the weekend with them, visiting akihabara, and eating a massive amount of meat at all u can eat shabu shabu we parted with Eri and went to our hotel to spend the week.  we visited a lot of the neighborhoods of Tokyo Like Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, akihabara(again) and asakusa. Choosing between them to say which one is most fun is hard since they all have their own appealing points.

We also visited the Ghibli museum a place i really wanted to go to since i really like the Animations they make. It is a bummer u cant make any photos in there because the building is amazing it really suits the feeling they create in their movies. The one thing i liked most about the museum was that i could see the original background paintings from Oga Kazou stunning how he handles his light and colors.

Another thing we went to is a giant onsen, a japanese hotspring, in the Edo period style they recreated the whole atmosphere within a big complex. sitting outside in a 41 degrees onsen under the moonlight with some traditional japanese music in the background is bery bery naisu! It was a perfect ending for a crazy busy city trip through Tokyo

One thing is clear Tokyo has so much to offer that after 10 days there we only saw fractions of it.