Wednesday, October 26, 2011


so on our free weekend we thought of visting some festivals(Matsuri)
on saturday my journey lead me towards the Festival of Fire in Kurama a temple village close to our dorm. unfortunatly when we arrived the crowd was so insane large that the only thing u could see was unbrellas... it was raining like crazy on this day of a well better luck next...wait there isnt any damn T-T

next up sunday the Costume festival in the park next to the royal palace a big park with 20 meter wide roads of gravel. here a parade started there way towards one of the other temple a few KM south west. litterly hundreds of people dressed up in traditional clothing a marvelous site for a designer like me, loved it.

check out the Photos tab for a glimps of the photos

like a boss

Monday, October 17, 2011

joined a guild

so last week i joined the Basketball guild so from now on i will fight for their name.
the people are great and everyone loves and breathes basketball awesome people a nice break from all the arty stuff plus a good way to get my condition up a few levels. But i think that will do since they train 3 times a week and have a party every once in a while

also their level off playing is quiet high so u need some skill to be able to roll with them and have some fun else u quickly fall out of line BUT after seeing them play 2 matches my basketball soul cought on fire and it really wants to play again. so i joined in on the trianings dribbles and shot a bit and got my skills warmed up again so im ready to fight....after i got back some stamina that is~

its awesome to do something seperate from the rest of the exchange students the experiance is totally different so i encourage all people to do stuff on their own! and dont stick to the exchange student group

skill awakend: Basketball power
stamina +5
japanese +45 exp

Monday, October 10, 2011

Training ground

so sometimes you have to grind to be able to beat the boss in the Japanese RPG's SO HEY lets grind some. im gonna fight the monsters in the Gym to get my condition and Stamina back up a bit next wednesday i will go and see the Basketball club here at Seika and Join their Guild. they train 3 times a week wich is quite alot SO i have to GRIND big time to be able to keep up with those guys!

the gym is really nice barely anyone uses it so its nice and quiet. The Basketball hall is really nice a shiney wooden floor so ill be enjoying myself a bit in there

str + 5
stamina +13
Area unlocked: Gym

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


so on monday we decided to go someware since it was the last day for eri to be able to join our questing in japan for a while. So we decided to go to the Famous ROUND 1 a massive building were u can do...alot

there is:
an Arcade room
mini bikes
kidsplayground (we laughed the hardest in here)
all kinds of fairgames
walls of manga + couches
message chairs
basketball court
golf pitch rooms
baseball pitch rooms
baseball strike rooms
mini golf ( which they litterely implied as mini golf courses... so no walls so your ball will constantly fall of the course)

so here we spend the night from monday to tuesday for about 6 houres. an awesome experience and we will defenetly return to this epic playground.

stamina + 5
laughing power +3
area unlocked: ROUND 1

Sunday, October 2, 2011


panorama photos now on separate page!

getting the hang off it

so im used to living here now starting to get to know the way of japanese life. its not as busy and fast as people think it is it is long but slow. the people here work long days but they dont do as much in an houre as a western person would do.

so the long term quest is progressing nicely but its a difficult one. the Sensei's (teachers)  are hard to follow i dont really understand what they are saying so Robin and me often have a hard time figuring out what to do. Especially when they go philosofical.

"go outside to draw a tree" -  ok i get that
".....ouside....tree....draw...more.." - wait wut??
" zara...big...composition...." - T^T

so yeah we thought go studie a tree and pay attention to the texture.
but it was: go outside and draw a tree.. but draw so the viewer can veel its alive and think about your composition.

what i didnt do: draw it as it is alive, think about composition.... i just drew a tree....@#$&!

also my companion in life Eri came too visit me for a few days. So we when to Osaka a metropolis city one of the biggest in japan. compared to Kyoto Osaka  is a GIANT CROWDED MESS... holy #$@%! no idea were to go, to many people walking around, o man what a place but i cant give a final judgement jet becouse we only walked around the station searching for the shoppping district. which we kind of found after 4 houres... we took the exit on the wrong side of the station. a well we have a nice day.

so the day after me and Eri had lunch with another Dutch guy who is currently working in Kyoto. After lunch we went to the river were u can cross the river by big stones in the water shaped as turtles. or u can sit on the river bank and relax, which many people did.  we started to have a water fight, even though it was only 20 degrees, I started to take rocks out of the water and throw them to create spashes. tough luck for me becouse i straind my back becouse  of that :( so now i have to sit and do nothing for a few days.

so enough time to post some stuff on blog now lol~?

exp 34/200
health 128/604 (in need of a phoenix down)