Sunday, December 18, 2011

daily life

so these days nothing special really happend just days passing by.

like we have done a few trips one to osaka again and one to okinawa the tropical paradise of japan, tobad it raind all the days we were there :l.

when it rains a tropical island become very dull, as if the life is sucked out of everything when the sun leaves the sky. none the less we had a great time we even did a little scuba diving, that stuff is awesome! it was kind of a rush for me since its all new and stuff and u get a little high from the pure o2 hahaaa. next to that it was a very controled dive, since none of us had a diving license. so i think they thought we couldnt swim or something. so they sorta dragged us trough the water, or we walked on the bottem like a crocodile. still fun though to breath underwater. i apperntly was the only one that spotted the stonefish one of the most poisoness fishies out there

since it was all such a rush of new impulses the most clear image i can remember are the bubbles infront of your  diving glasses hahaaa kinda sad. BUT was awesome! do it if u have the chance, dont chicken out or be lazy $%#@#$ do it.

and we went to the aquarium where they have wale sharks and stuff

osaka was LE MAJOR big crowded city with a 3 KM roofed shopping street. and the famous food street where u can eat al kinds of stuff but mostly takoyaki and ramen. Other then that not that special just a massive city

i have to upload some more photos but the pile is getting so big that i feel more and more lazy to find some nice ones to post :D so enjoy the panaramas for now

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